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Welcome to my website. I am a South African visual artist based in Durban. I focus mainly on printmaking and drawing. My work is strongly influenced by my familiar environment. Trees in the urban environment feature regularly in my prints and drawings. In keeping with the restrictions placed on us by Covid 19 most of my inspiration comes from places close to home.

I aim to make my work affordable and accessible. 

For all my drawings and prints I use archival materials and print on acid free Fabriano paper to ensure long life. All work is sold unframed. Prices vary depending on the scale and complexity of the work. Prices range from around R1400 (67 Pounds Sterling, 76 Euro, 90 US Dollars) for smaller works upwards to around R8000 (380 Pounds Sterling, 430 Euro, 520 U S Dollars) for large complex works. 

Shipping anywhere in South Africa will be included in the price. Due to the current situation shipping abroad will depend on factors beyond my control.

Please contact me at for individual prices and any other enquiries.

You can follow me on Instagram for regular updates on my work: @ johnroome

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