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John Roome

Artist’s Statement

In the intricate dance between ink and paper, I find my voice as a printmaker, captivated by the raw expressiveness of linocut, woodcut, and mono printing. My artistic journey unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Durban, my muse and constant inspiration.

Urban trees and cityscapes become the heartbeats of my creations, in a dialogue with the dynamic rhythm of my city. Through the deliberate graphic marks of linocut and woodcut , I seek to capture the essence of Durban's urban spirit, exploring the intersection between nature and city life.

In the delicate dance of mono printing, I embrace spontaneity, allowing each piece to unfold organically. The textures and layers manifest as a visual narrative, echoing the diverse stories embedded in the streets and trees of Durban.

As I carve, ink, and print, my goal is to invite viewers into a contemplative space where the resilience of urban trees and the architectural poetry of cityscapes converge. Through the medium of printmaking, I hope to evoke a shared appreciation for the unnoticed beauty that thrives in the heart of urban landscapes.

Join me on this visual exploration of Durban, where each print is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and urbanity—a celebration of the unique soul of my city.

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